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Please pardon the dust as I am currently under Construction.  😀
Hello everyone, feels like it’s been forever since we’ve last spoken.  Did you miss me?
Since I promised everything random here we begin with randomness at its best.  🙂  I have been reading this book named Boundaries and it has been such a great read so far.  I have to say my understanding of personal boundaries is getting better.   I wonder did I ever tell you that I am the person who will never say no and who will consistently sacrifice for others. I didnt realize it was such an issue until a time came that I was unable to do something for someone and I was belittled because of it.  I had held this person at such a high regard. (What do I know about people who lack character or common sense for that matter)
I think what bothered me most was that I felt like I was being selfish.   ME… I was feeling like I should’ve done more. I’m sorry for being so transparent but WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING????
Can I be honest? Can I say. .. I AM DONE?? Will my heart let me do it?  These people are not just friends or people I’ve just met, these people are family; people that are suppose to love you and help you.  (I wonder if my perception of family is skewed)
Boundaries is helping me understand things in a different way. It has been an eye opening journey that l am welcoming with open arms.  So… my apologies for the next posts that may seem even more random than this one. Stay well and like the therapist on the 1st Wives Club says. … “Grow..from love” <_— I giggle every time I hear that phrase… it’s so cheesy but I love it!!! 😀

Now that introductions are over….

Hello again,

I just want to extend a BIG Thank You to those that said Hello; sometimes it is the smallest gestures that make the largest impact.  I know it may seem silly to some people that I was excited to see that people stopped at my blog but, it was a feeling I couldn’t explain.  If your a blogger, I am sure you remember when you started blogging and that feeling of surprise and excitement that a complete stranger read what you just wrote.   (my husband looked at me as if i were the complete stranger when I jumped off the sofa and said ” Oh my God honey, someone just liked my post).  <— insert my face of embarrassment that I’m such a newbie.. lol

I am determined to get this on track; whatever “this” is so please pardon the dust as this site is still under construction….. well, maybe I am the one that is still under construction.  I must warn you, some posts may not deal with the other and I will have ramblings about all sorts of things BUT…. I promise I will get this together.  In the meantime hang in there with me I’m sure it will be worth the ride.

Talk soon 🙂